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1501 room ,Baotai Plaza,Fengle North road 116, Huangpu District,Guangzhou, P.R.China

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Guangzhou Greenwood Refractory Co., Ltd. provides high-quality products and technical services for metal material production, casting, industrial furnaces, high-speed stamping and other industries.

We provides the world's leading technology in the global market for Aluminum liquid hydrogen measurement device, Aluminum alloy thermal analyzer, Aluminum alloy density index, COGAS AI, High-speed stamping lubrication system .  
And the casting consumables such as Silicon nitride ceramic material products, Crucibles, L-shape Bubble tube, Slicon carbide rod, Boron nitride coating and etc.

Our goal is to prevent problems in production and develop high-quality products with customers. We assist customers in improving product quality, reducing overall costs, improving the working environment, and producing competitive products in an environment of global industrial integration.


Guangzhou Greenwood Refractory Co., Ltd.   Add:1501 room ,Baotai Plaza,Fengle North road 116, Huangpu District,GuangzhouP.R.China

 Tel:0086-020-82520456  Fax:0086-020-82520369    Email: greenwoodchina@163.com

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