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Ceramic resistors

Ceramic resistors

Ceramic resistors

Resistors are ceramic resistors made by high temperature sintering process. Is the most suitable for the device machine has miniaturization, safety, reliability requirements of the circuit resistor.

(1) no break, high reliability
(2) high voltage
(3) miniaturization and high power
(4) non-inductive
(5) can be used for high temperature
(6) stable thermal and chemical properties
(7) it can be used in water, steam and oil

1.AS and ASH Resistors
The AS and ASH resistors have large heat capacities, high resistance to impulse voltage, and superior durability. They are non-inductive resistors best suited for the following applications.

2.SP Resistors
The SP resistors are highly resistant to heat, compact, yet capable of withstanding high power. Additionally, these resistors are solid, which means they provide superior frequency characteristics and high resistance to overloading. Furthermore, the SP resistors can be used in water, which makes them ideal for use in high-frequency circuits and for other applications that require a large current.

3. Direct Water-Cooled Resistors(W)
Our direct water-cooled resistors include an SP resistor. They are compact, non-inductive, free from wire breakage, resistant to overloading and impulse current, and durable under high-power conditions. These features make them ideal as protective resistors, especially for use with thyristors. AS with water-cooled thyristors, these resistors are designed to be cooled by water to enable their compact bodies to withstand high power while minimizing any increase in temperature.

4.Disc Resistors(ASW and ASD)
The ASW and ASD models are disc resistors-the only ones available in Japan –that we have developed using our unique technology. These resistors deliver superior performance in high-voltage, high-current circuits, and are best suited for the following applications.

5.Indirect Water-Cooled Resistors(WD)
The WD models are disc resistors that utilize an indirect water-cooling method. In this method, water flows through water-cooling sections provided on both sides of the resistors to allow it to cool. With the remarkable development of various high-power circuits that utilize semiconductors, there is a growing demand for compact and large-capacity non-inductive resistors. The WD resistors can be connected in series or parallel to suit the voltage and current being applied.

6.Standard Terminals
For EREMA AS and SP resistors, we offer three types of standard terminals, which also serve as electrodes. Upon request, we will attach one of the standard terminals to EREMA resistors.



7.Assembly Products





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