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Lubrication system

High speed stamping lubrication system

High speed stamping lubrication system(Greenwood)

The GW-800 lubrication system, developed by Guangzhou Greenwood Refractory Co., Ltd., will change the way you view lubrication. This precision coating system will eliminate all guesswork and concerns about your lubrication process.
Based on Low Volume Low Pressure air technology, the GW-800 system consistently applies a thin film of lubricant to stock widths up to 2000mm. It have exact lubrication control with individual flow controls for each valve.
Metal stampers are reporting increased press performance and significant savings throughout their pressrooms by replacing drip pad, roller and conventional spray lubrication systems with the GW-800 Lubrication systems.

• High-speed stamping(lead frames, motor laminations,electrical terminals, connector pins)
• Tube forming
• Corrosion/rust prevention
• Cooling fin forming
• Can end pull tabs
• Foil rolling
• Fine blanking
• Cable/wire coating
• Coil stock slitting
• Fabric coating







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