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Non-ferrous casting consumables

MOREX crucible

MOREX crucible

MOREX crucible has high-performance anti-slag, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion characteristics. It is widely suitable for various high-frequency and low-frequency induction furnaces.

1. The internal structure is uniform and defect-free, with high physical strength and not easy to break.
2. Low porosity, high strength, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
3. It has high density and quality and high thermal conductivity (20~30kcal/hr℃), which greatly shortens the melting time and saves energy.
4. With a uniform internal organization, it can exert its greatest power on high-frequency\low-frequency induction furnaces.
5. Due to the extremely small pore size and the development of new materials, the performance of resistance to slag remover is greatly improved.
6. Leading in the same industry, it is the first to obtain ISO9001, ISO14001 and other quality management certifications.









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