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Non-ferrous casting consumables

Straight gas babbling pipe

 Straight gas babbling pipe

Country of origin: Japan

1. Application

Morex Straight gas babbling pipe blows inert gas into molten aluminum through densely packed tiny holes to discharge hydrogen and reduce the incidence of pinholes in castings.

◆Improve the quality of the alloy. The Straight gas babbling pipe evenly disperses the microbubbles of inert gas in the molten aluminum to effectively remove the hydrogen in the molten aluminum.

◆ In terms of thermal shock resistance and oxidation resistance, the Straight gas babbling pipe uses a special material, which uses the same material as the morex crucible and isostatically formed silicon carbide material.

TheStraight gas babbling pipe is a compact design, and can also be used for small crucibles or on-site use.
The smallest shape is 40mm×600mm
The maximum shape is50mm×1900mm


2. Technical data

Porosity (%) Volume density Flexure strength (MPa) Carbon (%) Silicon carbide (%)
26.8 1.77 8.8 34.8 44.0

The degassing effect depends on the amount of aluminum melt, the gas mass flow rate and the shape of the furnace bottom.


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