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Non-ferrous casting consumables

L shape gas babbling pipe

 L shape gas babbling pipe

The L shape gas babbling pipe improves the quality of the molten aluminum by blowing inert gas into the molten aluminum. It is based on silicon carbide, which has high corrosion resistance to molten aluminum, as its main raw material. Only a small amount of inert gas is used to obtain high-quality molten aluminum.

1. Remove non-metallic impurities
2. Degassing (remove hydrogen)
3. Refinement of crystals
4. Homogenization of the composition of the molten aluminum
5. Adjustment of the temperature of molten aluminum

● Features:
1. Put the pipe in the channel of the molten soup to perform continuous processing.
2. The inert gas blown through the pipe can form a tiny and uniform bubble layer in the molten bath, so it has an excellent degassing and impurity removal effect.
3. No need for large-scale equipment. As long as there is a L shape gas babbling pipe, pressure gauge, pressure regulator, gas flow regulator, it can be used.
4. Because there is no driving part and rotating part, the operation is very simple.

Precautions in use:
● Keep it dry.
● The product is L-shaped, please pay attention to it during transportation and use.





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