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Detecting device

Density index device

Density Index Device (Optional crucible preheating function)

•Dimensions: L 590 x B 570 x H 320 mm
•Weight: approx. 35 kg
•Power connection: 230 V, 1400 W, 6,3A,
50-60 Hz, (115 V available on request)
•Power consumption: 1400 VA
•Vacuum pump: oil-lubricated vacuum pump
•Timer: electric short-period timer, 1-99 min

Metallic and non-metallic impurities as well as hydrogen and oxides may negatively affect the quality of the aluminum melt. By measuring the density Index, it is possible to define, control and optimize the process of cleaning the melt, thereby improving the quality. In this way, the high quality of the melt is assured and the reject rate effectively reduced.

1. Sample preparation
Using the Density Index Device, two melt samples are cast for comparison purposes. One of the samples is cast at a defined vacuum of 80 mbar and the other at atmospheric pressure.

2. Density index
Using the Electronic Balance MK 3000 to determine the density index automatically on the basis of the principle of Archimedes. The density index represents the percentage difference in density of the two samples. The lower the density index the cleaner the aluminum melt.

3. Dross test (2 additional pressure steps)
(1) 30±1 mbar Straube–Pfeiffer Test
•Sample weight approx. 230g Al
•Central cut through sample
•Visual assessment of sample interior for hydrogen & oxides

(2) Final (0±3 mbar) Dross Test
•Sample weight approx. 230g Al
•Visual assessment of sample surface for oxides


4. Electronic Density Index Balance MK 3000
•Design: Powder-coated aluminum die-cast housing
•Dimensions: L 320 x B 210 x H 230 mm
•Weight: approx. 5,5 kg
•Weighing range: 3.000 g
•Resolution: 0,01 g
•Reproducibility: 0,01 g
•Stabilising time: < 5,0 sec.
•Ambient temperature: 0-40° C
•Mains voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
•Power consumption: 10 VA

5. Density Index Device (Upgrade with cart)
•Dimensions: 750 x 1330 x 700 mm
•Weight: approx. 110 kg
•Sample preparation time: 4 minutes (adjustable)
•Weighing range: 3000g
•Display accuracy: 0.01g



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